Ruby & Amber's Organic Oasis

Ruby and Amber’s is a small very diverse market farm. Our farm has been Certified Organic since 2000 and Certified Biodynamic since 2007. With one really great seasonal worker and ourselves, we do 3 farmers’ markets a week, have a small CSA, and sell a bit of pork, beef, milk and eggs. We have roughly 2 acres of vegetable and fruit production, any where from 1 to 3 acres of grain production, and about 12 acres in grass hay. We are a mixed power farm: 6 draft horses, 3 people, 1 tractor, 2 Berkshire sows, 1 milk cow and her heifer, and 50 laying hens. About 75 % of our tillage is with draft horses; we have a small tractor, and several sturdy garden forks for our people tillage. We experiment a bit with chicken and hog tillage rotations.

Our Products are available at our farm and at three farmers markers: The Saturday Lane County Farmer’s Market, The Tuesday Creswell Farmer’s Market, and the Wednesday Cottage Grove Grower’s Market. Our small CSA includes fresh eggs and high quality fruit.

We also teach Draft Horse Farming Workshops. Learn the sustainable craft of working with draft horses on our certified organic farm.  Beginning and advanced subjects include harnessing, driving, plowing, and working draft horses with traditionally horse-powered equipment. For more info, visit our website:


Our Open House/Farm Tour dates for 2011 are July 17, and September 5. All of our local farmers from the Row River Valley will be hosting Open Houses on these dates. For more information, check out