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Cascade Windows: Our featured Window, made in Oregon and Washington, is the perfect new and remodel choice!!!!!!!

3 Color choices: Custom sizing: Custom accents

Qualifies for many Tax and Utility Credits

Fashion Tech: Window Covering, made in Portland for 30 years. Complete line of products and fabrics.

Motorization: Sun Control: Window Insulation

Stiebel Eltron: Solar thermal systems and products: State and Federal Tax Credits. At a quarter the price of a Solar Hot Water System The Accelera Hybrid Water Heater is an ENERGY


Apricus: Evacuated Tube Solar hot water, better winter performance. Ideal for commercial and heating applications.

Weatherization: Weather stripping, caulking, air sealing. Blower door and thermal scanner energy audits qualifies for many utility and tax credits.

Installation: Conservation and energy management is our passion. There are many more energy saving options than what is listed here. Thanks---Pat

Licensed Bonded and Insured installation.

Dopler Solar Since 1982.