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Family Updates 2010
nicolae update  

Using his stonework skills, the rose garden is breathtaking. Now Nicolae is working on the surrounding area and plum orchard. In three years the trees will have matured enough to get the specialty distillery underway. Until then, Nicolae continues to improve the farm, including the addition of a two-acre pond.

Over 300 plum trees have been planted, and are developing nicely. We expect to plant another 180 in 2011, with our first test harvest in the summer of 2011

kathleen update  

Kathleen continues to write, while learning other useful farm tasks such as gardening, canning, drying and storing. Cheese-making will be on the agenda as soon as Daisy Mae, the new milking cow, grows up to have a calf.

Kathleen also develops websites as a side business, finding satisfaction in this creative outlet.

kara update  

After returning from a spring in Hawaii, Kara has moved to Eugene to continue her education at the University of Oregon. She visits the ranch when she can carve time out of her busy schedule between classes, work and sports including rock-climbing, weight lifting, running. 

michelle update  

Michelle will spend the fall semester in the Eugene area attending Lane Community College before heading to Virginia to attend Lynchburg College. She is getting in a lot of horseback riding before she has to distance herself from Annie, her horse.

rachel update  

Rachel continues to pursue acting at the high school and the local theater. She has been working on getting her driver's licence. I'm so glad that Nicolae gives all the driving lessons in this family.

alex update  

Alex is outdoors as often as possible.  She raised a tree frog from a tadpole and takes him around the farm looking for friends.  Her enthusiasm to help around the house is only matched by her desire to be outside swimming in the river.

She has written and performed her own songs. Clicking on the link below will take you to her YouTube link. Forest has given her a great gift by writing the accompaniment.