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2008: Change of Direction

February Mountain Path

Mountain Path

Heading up to our forest.

Goodbye Coop

Last of Many

This is the last photo taken of our old chicken coop.

Snow on the Apple Blossoms

dressing up

Late snow gives us some welcome beauty.

Arpil Snow

April Snow

Cold spring brings snow.

April Seedligs

April Seedlings

Tomatoes and Bell Peppers growing as it snows outside.

Radishes in the Snow

Radishes in the Snow

You've got to love a plant that grows in any weather.

Goat Barn Down

Goat Barn Down

The first of many buildings torn down to prepare for the new distillery and venue.

Hay Bales

Haying Season

Hay bales in the pasture. Last chore before rock work begins.

Haying Season

Wagon loaded with Bales

Haying season nearing completion on Independence Day weekend.

Clucking Around


Just a bunch of chickens.

Big Tom

Tom Turkey

I couldn't resist adding this guy. He's so cool!

Trenching for Stone Wall

Stone Wall Trench

The first stone structure to separate our home from venue.

Stone Work

Radishes in the Snow

Three days later the progress on the stone wall is remarkable.

Backfill Complete

Backfill Complete

All ready to plant barrier trees and plants.

Rose Garden Site.

Rose Garden Site

The placement of future rose garden and gazebo sits in the open area.

Rose Garden Progress

Rose Garden Progress

The rose garden is placed. Note the building behind it will be the next to go.

Rose Garden in Progress

Rose Garden in Progress.

The rose garden is rapidly taking shape. See Rose Garden Here.

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