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Wildwood Falls Ranch  

Welcome Friends!

After living ten-years abroad - six years in Belgium and four years in Singapore - the Istudor family has finally retired their travel container for vacation suitcases, and chose to wear boots instead.

Their move to rual Oregon, although not easy, has been extremely rewarding. The Wildwood Falls Ranch is a historic 150-acre homestead established in the 1800s and is located near the picturesque Wildwood Falls. The combination of forest and pastoral topography of the land is breath-taking with panoramic vistas of the upper Row River Valley.

The ranch has meant more than elbow room and experiencing country life; it is a long awaited dream come true. Wildwood Falls Ranch is a place to re-establish family ties, get closer to the earth, create new memories rooted in familiar ground, and God-willing a permanent home that will remain in the family for generation.  In fact, the cemetery is being renovated, replanted and enlarged to accommodate a new family: Ours!